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The family uses interlocution of common sense of electric fire control

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One, facilities of distribution of old building original design never is overhauled update, home appliance grow in quantity, what consequence is there?

Increase subsequently with report, exceed load to use, overload of incidental electrical wiring is calorific, cause fire.

2, is electrical wiring bound what consequence will cause?

Electrical wiring is bound, the likelihood causes electrical wiring part to break off, produce tall impedance, make electrical wiring calorific, cause electrical wiring be on fire then.

3, why should electrical wiring avoid a clog to pin?

If electrical wiring is pinned by the clog, the likelihood causes electrical wiring part to break off, produce tall impedance to make electrical wiring calorific, reach insulation appearance damaged, and cause electrical wiring short circuit.

4, the use of domestic electrical appliance, what is the risk that often poses most?

Use for long, layout or motor overheat and destroy insulation, cause electrical wiring short circuit to cause fire.

5, what does the wiring of common hair unripe fire in the home have?

The lamp on desk of dead idling of card of machine of aquarium motor overheat, leather belt, deities is used for a long time and motor of convulsions of short circuit, bathroom, reach plug to never be checked accumulate carbon to cause etc.

6, why should be electric equipment outlet brushed constantly try?

Electric equipment outlet is seldom wipe, can be in plug is polar accumulate dirt, hair gradually or produce verdigris, increase electric impedance, produce fire then.
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