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How is arson horror encountered to make a surprise attack to do in subterranean

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(1) is ad cool-headed and sober, knowledge mark trend. Every enters the personnel of subterranean bazaar, - want to have observation to its establishment and structural composition surely, remember scattered passageway and safe exit and position;

(2) withdraws quickly, escape quickly ground etc place of safety;

(3) put out a fire and flee for his life to be united in wedlock. Control of on fire power is first inside the least scope, adopt - the measure that cuts a possibility puts out his, be like - when cannot put out, should escape quickly the spot;

(When 4) flees for his life, as far as possible small force is progressive, do not do deep breathing, shut up and nose cover with wet dress or towel below probable condition, prevent aerosol to enter respiratory tract;

(5) in case scattered passageway is broken by conflagration block, should think method is lengthened as far as possible live time, if can hide into the room, towel of the bedabble that use water, dress, a crack between a door and its frame a place of strategic importance is tightened, await fireman to come round to come to help.