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What should evacuation danger spot notice?

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Be apt to chooses a passageway, do not use elevator; Withdraw quickly, property of cling to of avoid by all means, ground of return danger dangerous situation;

Defend oneself, the attention avoids danger, if use easy fall victim of article cloak body to be mixed partly,do not stand by window glass, going against stream of people to advance, lest be overturned to be in the ground;

Grip firm other people, avoid opportunely hide, go before keep to the edge, when jam, be like likely, the thing that should hold firm is like stair, avoid temporarily, after waiting for a crowd to go leave the scene quickly.

Public have establishment of perfect fire prevention, put out a fire and urgent export commonly, in public position, all have red background yellow word " call the police switch " mark, arrowhead points to the position namely pushbutton position, push below to call the police phone;

Corridor deserves to have powder fire extinguisher box, stick above have red " fire extinguisher " mark;

Set inside floor occupied reason floodlight, of visible clarity " urgent exit " mark;

In corridor or stair, have fireplug, deserve to have fire control area around.

Lie when new environment, if enter hotel, bazaar to shop, when entering public place of entertainment, take care establishment of scattered passageway, put out a fire and urgent exit and stair azimuth to wait without fail, so that crucial moment can escape as soon as possible the spot.