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The safe error in the life

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2, electrical wiring does not wear a canal to be buried beforehand. People is decorating a process in, what decorate for pursuit is beautiful, often do not protect electrical wiring via wearing a canal and bury in wall body beforehand directly. And a few personnel that never groom through electrician, when installing electric equipment line anyway means of wiring means safety, line how many, bear how many, how divisional power supply, bury electric equipment circuitry at wall body directly. As the elapse of use time, the grow in quantity of electric home appliances

3, electric home appliances

4, the balcony makes warehouse. What the family always has a few not to agree to abandon is sundry the article that uses with daily need. Accordingly, what storeroom and balcony also became some families is sundry storehouse, some wait for paint, motor gasoline even combustible explode easily article is put on the balcony, make the balcony became the ground with fascicular fire insurance. Of summertime sun point-blank and the child plays with fire wait for an element, cause balcony fire possibly. In the meantime, contemporary family contains almost the establishment such as window of door of guard against theft, once produce fire, in case door window flee for one's life passageway suffocate suffocate, the balcony became the best ground that take refugee, accordingly, should not serve as the balcony sundry storehouse.
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