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Small discuss rural fire prevention

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Our country is an agricultural big country, rural region is vast, however, be restricted as a result of what get all sorts of factors and affect, instability of job of rural fire control, each district development is very lopsided also, rural fire contradiction appears relatively outstanding, rural fire presents tall hair state all the time. According to concerning statistical material, only 2000, countrywide happening is amounted to 44596 cases in rural fire, cause 1093 people death, 1438 people to get hurt, 27440 villagers are stricken be hit by a natural adversity, immediate pecuniary loss is amounted to 3. 700 million yuan. Of rural fire happen ceaselessly, disturbed not only order of the production of the farmer, life, and to rural economics development and social stability caused very big effect. Bureau of fire control of the Ministry of Public Security is in " the job should nod 2004 " in emphasize: "Be driven energetically and strengthen rural fire control to work, strengthen community and work of propaganda of rural fire control " , see the attention of jobs of pair of rural fire control. Place job of rural fire control important schedule, this already made progress of stimulative country fire control, ensure the main factor with restful farmer. Through undertaking thorough analysis to accident of fire control of of all kinds country, see not hard, fire control consciousness is thin it is the subjective element that brings about hair of rural fire frequency. This basically behaves in: It is leader of a few local government know inadequacy to rural fireproof importance, take seriously insufficient, in countryside (town) , in village construction development, lack program of whole of fire control safety, bring about fire control to work the serious lag development at local economy, left a lot of such as to build position establishment of safety of unreasonable, fire control is backward wait for hidden danger of fire control safety, and rectify and reform it is very difficult to rise. Additional, system of safety responsibility of some places fire prevention was not fulfilled in the round, the system is diseased, countryside (town) , village fire control manages weakness, appear even the phenomenon of unmanned canal. The consciousness of 2 fire control safety that are the villager and idea of fire control legal system are thin, the safety with necessary lack uses internal heat, with the report, common sense that use gas. Because a few villager suffers conditional place to be restricted, make a fire, cook, warm oneself to be firewood more with fire, roast cereal and warm oneself heat preservation is multi-purpose bright fire, use phone with fire frequent, with fire not to be pooh-poohed of the management that use phone, child plays with fire etc the element that causes fire is much. In the meantime, as economic development, the place such as major country's burgeoning small shop, small treatment, small chemical industry, small mill, as a result of the fire control safety of owner consciousness does not reach the designated position, existence weighs the idea of benefit, light safety, some people knew the value of fire control safety, hate to part with devoted funds to rectify and reform fire hidden trouble however, make hidden trouble of rural fire control at present heavy. 3 it is the villager is in build, rebuild, extend construction project and when undertaking interior decoration is decorated, lack consciousness of fire control legal system and basic fire prevention common sense, know inadequacy to fire control, optional sex is big, plan of law of fire service law of partial villager buy at disregarding, the building that thinks oneself spend money to do oneself, oneself are decorated, have nothing to do with branch of public security fire control, the fire hidden trouble that this kind of thought causes villager residence is much, occurence rate house does not finish fire high. So, do work of fire control of nice rural area, the key depends on " it is with the person this " , give priority to body with broad farmer, increase propagandist strength, raise the consciousness of fire control safety of the villager stage by stage. Current, the consciousness of fire control safety of the villager is very fragile still, most villager does not know how to prevent fire, visit through extensive investigation, be informed a lot of villagers to need fire control knowledge very much actually. Those who combine current country education is farther deepen and reform, take the form such as culture go to the countryside, begin send fire control the book, fire control knowledge takes native place, wait for an activity into the village, enhance the fire control consciousness of the farmer, make broad farmer masters more fire control knowledge and save oneself technology, "Draw fire against oneself " the thing just can decrease stage by stage. In work of fire control propaganda, we should have grabbed two jobs mainly: It is to be during agricultural the crown of the year, during great holiday and fire sends season more, in village mouth, roadside marked position is brushed write fire control to publicize catchphrase, the fire control that establishs stationary publicizes column. Return the conduct propaganda that can use the broadcast, chance that holds act in an opera of villager congress, country to have fire control knowledge, consciousness mixes the fire control security that enhances masses ceaselessly to be prevented oneself save oneself ability. Make and perfect convention of rural fire prevention, use internal heat to security of country of villager print and distribute, with the report, notice that use gas, safety of progressively and normative villager uses internal heat, with the report, act that uses gas. 2 be in the country school of each medium, elementary school begins knowledge of fire control safety extensively to teach, through the teacher ground of regular, long-term sex is class of common sense of the fire control on the student, hold seminar of fire control knowledge, hold fire control theme student of meeting, organization keeps the class those who do fireproof of good family security to send parents is epistolary after looking by the parent, sign wait for a variety of forms, bring fire control knowledge to the innumberable families through the student, realize belt of a student an a family, school takes a village, popularize fire control knowledge to the target of the school, family energetically. Two kinds of afore-mentioned forms are very practical, in the meantime, we still can explore the working form that more rural fire control publicize, through the fire control safety of formal diversity conduct propaganda teachs an activity, make consciousness mixes the fire control safety of masses of vast rural area to be prevented oneself save oneself ability gets bigger rise. Anyhow, as social day profit grows, the constant change of rural socioeconomy, shoulder heavy responsibilities of work of rural fire control. Must fulfil in the round " it is with the person this " idea idea, grip is subjective element all these enters a place, strengthen rural fire control to publicize the job energetically, raise farmer masses to resist the ability of fire, strengthen a rural area group prevent group control capacity, form fire control to be the favorable situation of fire control for everybody, everybody, go straight towards well-off to create environment of favorable fire control safety for the farmer.
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