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Safety uses electric general knowledge with fire

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1, discovery lights gas leak, want to close gas source valve quickly, open door window ventilated, do not move electric equipment switch and use bright internal heat, inform major maintenance division will handle quickly. 2, cannot optional dump liquid gas incomplete fluid, because of fluid of liquid gas incomplete, once encounter bright fire, will produce a chain of combustion explosion. So, should make juice of liquid gas incomplete by fill outfit unit to unite reclaim, do not derive from a processing. 3, should teach the child not to play with fire, do not dally with wiring. Want to put the live cinders kept for starting a new fire such as lighter in the place that the child takes not easily at ordinary times, forbid child open switch of gas, liquid gas; Cannot let a child put firework cracker in the place that has combustible. 4, the whole nation is average and annual the fire that should produce 14 origin to smoke and causes, occupy the life to cause the first place of fire with fire. Do not drop about in the life butt; Cannot lie in the smoking on the bed, forbidden in combustible explode easily the place smokes. 5, electric home appliances Previous12 Next