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Decorate the 10 big hidden trouble that notice switch electrical outlet draws fi

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2, socket is pinned by tinderbox or dust falls to cause short circuit, or installation is in combustible explode easily man-trap, insert or unplug scintilla arises to cause explosive on fire when next outlet.

3, plug attaint changes not in time, replace plug to use with bare wire head, cause short circuit or scintilla, cause combustible on fire.

4, the conveniently after switch of a few the head of a bed is being used is put, switch strikes bedstead or wall and make damaged of external insulation layer, cause short circuit extremely likely.

5, the working voltage of lamp holder and working electric current and place use electrical outlet power not conform to, long-term overload, once temperature is exorbitant,cause fire. The electrical outlet of 3 male aurora is 16A exceed big current limliting, can satisfy all industry and family to use phone normally. Other some switch are 10A current limliting commonly, n/COL the head of a family front courtyard uses a little bit electric power is great a little, can cause fire.

6, paper-cover mouth or snail mouth lamp holder or the lead line that many eye electrical outlet distributes to use carry insulation to pare dew. When growing too, bare part causes short circuit; Too short when, conductor contact is undesirable, osculatory resistor crosses big, overheat and cause fire.

7, in installing lamp holder process, twist turn lamp holder and make electrical wiring is wrung together, or bare line core is overmuch, diffuse hind come up against another end and cause short circuit on fire.

8, switch installation is improper, install switch on combustible body especially, provenance jacket is made in lead by abrade, make line core bare or lunt infiltration, cause short circuit, or electric arc of the generation when switch disconnects causes on fire.

9, distribution board did not enter a case, the meeting when fuse fusing has the metallic grain splash down with hot broil, make lower part combustible causes inflammation.

10, the family uses because of,can burn gas conduit or valve leak, when explosion limit is being reached after making can light gas and air mix up, , shut the electric equipment switch that does not have disappear arc device, can produce scintilla, cause fire or explode. And switch of 3 male aurora applied silver-colored nickel alloy contact and slip become warped board type, such not only the generation that avoided electric arc, and the life that also prolonged switch face plate greatly. Here the proposal buys switch to want to buy the contact of silver-colored nickel alloy, do not want Mai Chunyin, aluminium alloy to wait, their melting point is low, yi Rong is changed, produce electric arc more easily.
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