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The upstairs person when stair catchs fire how escape from a danger

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? ? ? Want to stabilize oneself mood above all, hold sober head, consider cut out an engine of method on the spot. If use water to irrigate, be enclothed to wait with wet cotton, if cannot be put out immediately, igneous situation can be burned more jump over flourishing, the person has by the danger of igneous besiege, should try at this moment escape from a danger. Catch fire inside the building sometimes, stair did not catch fire, but smother often toward stair well fill, upstairs person produces illusion easily, think stair already was cut off, do not have leeway, actually most circumstance falls, stair did not catch fire, can try completely to seize a road and go out.

? ? ? If be gotten by smoke choke choking, usable wet towel covers Pull in your ears! is nose, floor of press close to or flat run. Although stair was sealed by blaze, when having an outlet, the content such as usable also wet quilt makes covering as soon as possible rush out quickly.

? ? ? If stair already was broken by baked wheaten cake truly, face hopeless situation personally it seems that, also answer to think calmly, whether other stair still can go, whether can transfer from housetop or balcony, whether can use conduit, bamboo pole or cord to wait slippery come down, can chase class jump in order to undertake and next waiting <> a moment. Want to think more only, still be OK commonly of rescue.

? ? ? If child, old person, patient waits by besiege upstair, more should rescue of as soon as possible, if use the thing such as quilt, blanket, cotton-padded jacket,had wrapped up. Cord uses rope, with avulsion bed sheet without cord the knot rises, edge cord slips below, or cast be waited a moment on Yu Yang stage, roofing, strive for as soon as possible escape from a danger.

? ? ? Cry for help, also be a kind of main rescue idea, be come out without method by the person of igneous besiege, masses is heard all round cry for help, also can try rescue, or report fire department comes rescue.