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The family lights air safety to use general knowledge

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Want to choose kitchen correctly to provide next, light the kitchen with applicable and different spirit differently to provide, the corresponding kitchen of gas, natural gas has liquid gas, firedamp, city the distinction of the stomatic diameter of stone or metal plate for standing a stove on as a precaution against fire is very big, the pressure of liquid gas is natural and gasser than the city, tracheal the pressure of the path is great, for can sufficient combustion, the diameter of stoma of liquid gas stone or metal plate for standing a stove on as a precaution against fire is small, the pressure that firedamp provides is the least, stomatic diameter is so thicker. If choose a mistake, can appear cannot burn adequately risk black smoke to cannot adjust, flame small air feed is insufficient, breathe out even breathe out noisy to cannot be ignited do not match a circumstance. Appear easily the accident is unusual. Do not allow to use super- period, without what examine, the liquid gas canister of metabolic, face-lifting. It is normal to often check pressure-relief valve good with.

The 3rd following item should notice when lighting gas to use:

A powerful person burning gas drives after wanting to ignite first, allow the gas such as fire, such ability are safe. Open gas to ignite not in time first, cause easily blowout wait for an accident. This is actual it is diminutive explosion. Should time the examination changes the hose that join cop and kitchen have, prevent join not firm, fall off, ageing is flat. Jacket of some machine of oil absorption cigarette have electric nose, OK and surveillant leak burning gas, if use, is liquid gas, electric nose was ineffective, because liquid gas is heavier than air, the liquid gas of leak is with respect to meeting accumulation on the ground, differ the electric nose reaction on machine of oil absorption cigarette calls the police, give a thing early. Forbid privately to alter conduit of circuitry burning gas, must enrage company design, construction via lighting. When forbidden family is decorated for beautiful and seal valve burning gas dead. Forbid privately examination, repair the cop valve, establishment such as gas meter. In the kitchen forbidden store many gas tank, liquid gas canister must be far from heat source, power source. Forbidden wait for liquid gas canister to add with mattress of hot water, report lukewarm. Liquid gas of forbidden knock collision coal tub. Forbidden exceed outfit liquid gas, this is breakneck. Forbidden insolate issues liquid gas canister in sunshine. Forbidden everywhere chaos pours fluid of liquid gas incomplete.

Use when burning gas, when burning water to boil congee especially, cannot leave a person, prevent water boil over to give cut out an engine reason of flat hair make trouble.

Nurturance is used after burning gas, conveniently shuts the good convention of total a powerful person. Be away on official business when leaving home, check certainly, close valve burning gas.
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