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The general knowledge of fire control safety that benzine uses

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Benzine is combustible article, contact little spark even also can ignition. Below microtherm condition, gasoline still can burn quickly. When because this is in,using gas, must abide by safety of the following fire prevention strictly to set.

1, oilcan and benzine of outfit of bucket of keep in storage, forbidden cooked food wants around. All kindling are like lighter, match to wait to want to prohibit taking tank farm. Want to use explosion proof lamps and lanterns and flame-proof switch inside oil depot, garage, do not use bright fire or oil lamp illume. Do not put the thing such as benzine and cotton, match, detonator, dynamite, oxygen together.

2, do not use bucket of benzine of ironware tool knock, especially petrolic empty tun is more dangerous. Because benzine and airy are full of to mix air inside the bucket, and often be in explosion limit in (be in namely upper explosion limit 2.6% with floor level 1.7% in) , receive bright ammunition, can cause explosion. According to computation, in a sky inside 200 litres tun, should have 10 ~ 35 grams benzine, and these benzine evaporate entirely again gas, be full of inside tun when, encounter spark to be able to explode. Below the most careful circumstance that mounts an operation, the benzine of the remaining inside tun can be commonly inside afore-mentioned limits that explode possibly. So forbidden ironware tool is used inside benzine library, want to prevent tun to collide each other, the shoe that also wearing the nail that take iron works to benzine library, lest iron is touched character,spark cause fire.

3, when should undertaking fill holds gas, the ability after the vent-pipe of the car of vicinity, tractor should wear fire prevention hat is started, put gas district car of around forbidden overhaul.

4, head of the cloth that touchs oil plants, oily bombazine, oily glove do not put inside oil depot, garage, lest spontaneous combustion. Because these are stained with oil plants (especially lube) bombazine head, oxidation happens in the meeting below constant temperature. And the meeting when oxidation emits quantity of heat, make temperature of oily bombazine head elevatory, oxidation speed can be added again fast. Oxidize ceaselessly so -- warm up -- oxidation -- the reaction that warm up, can make temperature of oily bombazine head elevatory achieve its spontaneous combustion to nod, cause catch fire. So, the content such as head of the dishcloth touching oil inside oil depot, garage, oily bombazine, oily glove wants to be put inside the iron case that takes a top centrally, clean in time reclaim use.

5, when the tun that repair solder or oilcan, should wash container evaporate or air comes after doing not have oily flavour, ability can undertake burn-inning. Lid of bucket of the size when repairing solder and coal tub mouth want to be opened entirely. Safer method is fill water is in interspace in solder mouth.
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