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Do you know responsibility of safety of what fire control the citizen has?

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? ? ? Responsibility of fire control safety is:

? ? ? ? One, learn and master knowledge of precautionary fire science, observe rule of fire service law strictly, active and active do safety of good fire control to work.

? ? ? ? 2, establishment of freewill protection fire control, do not damage, not divert of do sth without authorization, demolish, equipment of facilities of fire control of out of service, do not bury pressure, the circle occupies hydrant, do not take up fire prevention span, do not jam fire control passageway.

? ? ? 3, do not carry kindling to be produced into life, store combustible explode easily dangerous brilliant place, do not carry combustible explode easily dangerous article is entered public perhaps take public traffic tool. ? ?

? ? ? 4, should report instantly after fire happening fire alarm; Correspond demesne tool should free offers advantage for fire alarm; Not fire alarm of give false information.

? ? ? 5, grown citizen has the obligation that enters the job of put out a fire that has an organization.