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Long holiday gives guideline of safety of travel fire control

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One, whether does the bright fire such as the ingle in giving home of the microscope before travel, candle go out; Whether is switch of valve burning gas, electric equipment shut, seasonable dump wants to go out again after power cut especially, the accident produces after telegram in reply in case;

2, the likelihood such as public start business appears personnel is many the circumstance of surchage, do not enter the spot as far as possible, cannot linger for long more;

3, go out accommodation guesthouse hostel, should mind the setting condition of safe exit, stair well, scattered passageway and establishment of concerned fire control beforehand;

4, what do not enter edge construction edge to do business is public; Sortie sets off firework cracker and do not prepare to put the celebration place of hydrogen balloon at the same time;

5, the place such as hall of the kinescope hall that is less than the fire control establishment such as illume of scattered passageway, lash-up not to accord with a requirement, singing and dancing, entertainment hall, coffee hall, Internet bar, bazaar (especially basement) recreation, consumption;

6, go out to public do not smoke, cannot be in more have combustible or the place of combustible smokes, special attention does not smoke after smoking of lie in bed, wine or drop about butt;

7, do not carry kindling material in the place that has mountain forest, use bright internal heat, should not make a fire in the picnic on hill more, prevent to produce brushfire;

8, not do sth without authorization carries dangerous chemical to take the of all kinds vehicle such as car boat, discover others is carried should remind in time, check;

9, when the danger affection such as dangerous chemical occurrence leak, do not surround in the spot view;

10, nightly smell when the off-odour such as gas, liquefied petroleum gas, benzine, want to be examined in time, but do not use bright fire illume easily;
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