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Position of invite applications for a job: Vise general manager

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Basic message contacts means
Release time: On April 19, 2008
Period of efficacy comes: On April 24, 2008
Company: Gansu Province cheek fills source work trade limited company
Legal entity: Han Wenjiang
Establish time: 1996
Company property: Inc.
Management mode: Commerce
Address: Village of Lu Jingan of silver of city of Gansu Province Lanzhou 109, mail: Village of detachment of fire control of date of  Xuan thighing?89
Postcode: 730020
Connect a telephone call: 0931-8474089
Fax: 0931-8474089
Enterprise mailbox: Lich1966@126.COM
Network address: Http://
Contact: Li Chenghong (gentleman)

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Object of invite applications for a job: Full-time
Workplace: Lanzhou
Issue date: 2008-4-19
Number of invite applications for a job: 4
Pay pay: 2000
Period of validity: Long-term and effective

Condition of invite applications for a job
1, annals improves productivity at be our region, the strong desire that stimulative economy grows; 2, have extensive gregarious capacity, have certain social base; 3, have constant propagandist medium of communication, have the capacity that extends a project; 4, have better expressive capacity; 5, have certain culture base.
Pay of personnel of invite applications for a job always after employ, both sides signs a contract.