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Liu Chao resume of to apply for a j

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Basic material

Full name: Liu Chao
Nation: The Han nationality
Graduate school: Changsha university
Graduation time: 2006-6-14
Desire position: Software engineer
Post category: Software (test) engineer
Talent type: Average to apply for a job
Working hours: Year

Sexual distinction: Male
Marital status: Maiden
The birth date:
Height: 0
Title: Intermediate
What learn major: Computer science and technology
Highest record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course
Issue date: 2008-4-9


Individual brief introduction:  1.   is familiar with J2EE platform, be familiar with Struts frame, can skilled use Jsp, servlet , jdbc, javaBean undertakes Web is developed.  
2.  is familiar with Hibernate frame, understand Spring, what understand Spring and Struts and Hibernate is compositive.  
3.  has the ability that masters new technology quickly and outstanding self-study capacity.  
4.  honesty respects property, have intense responsibility heart and group consciousness.  
5.  is good at be being communicated with the person.

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