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Home Zhang group is hit stoutly cleared fake fire control product

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Keep clear of for determined blow fake fire control product, order of market of product of normative fire control, ensure safety of public fire protection, dozen win battle of assault fortified positions of Olympic Games security. On August 13, always decide district government to organized the branch such as industrial and commercial, fire control, qualitative check to undertake to product of fire control of area under administration and market assault is checked, investigated products of large quantities of one unqualified fire control.
In bound of company of equipment of fire control of station of equipment of fierce hill fire control, red arrow, Zhang Jia the place of the equipment of management fire control such as limited company of equipment of peaceful fire control, the attestation certificate that examines products of group of according to fire control, detect the tagging of transaction and product, pack waited for content to check lamps and lanterns of lash-up of door of fire alarm product, fire extinguisher, fire prevention, fire retardant coating, fire control, hydrant in detail belt of box, fire hose, fire water branch, water is received buckle, indoor. What discover to the examination is fake with unqualified fire control product, in decide below premise of quality, divisional responsibility, the basis concerns the provision of legal laws and regulations, wind of plead for mercy for sb of determined keep within limits, do not do " not to be repeated " give on the spot confiscate. Be aimed at open to question fire control product, staff member of a large body of lawfully sampling sends total fleet to undertake quality technical appraisement.
Pass this inspection, unit of distribute of product of fire control of farther standard whole area all formed benign loop on product admittance, sale, maintenance, be purified further and normative the use order that always decides product of area fire control, because fire control product is unqualified,put an end to and the fire hidden trouble that cause, to defend safety of good fire control the environment is mixed dozen win battle of assault fortified positions of Olympic Games security to lay next solid foundations.