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Nanjing develops the type that help a network special big inspection

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The day rose once upon a time, city tourism bureau combines department of area county travel, arms cent is opposite 8 times 440 travel agent of county of 13 districts of whole town and guesthouse of class of 102 2 stars, SamSung, develop the type that help a network special big inspection, contrast civilized town establishs test standard, collect a problem to advance rectify and reform. Astral class hotel of the standard still is not accorded with after rectifying and reform, will be faced with demote or be picked astral punishment. And what go up to software of travel industry service is dark visit, will spreading out next.
As we have learned, the key of this second examination is travel company is establishing the weak point that go up, is trouble-free establishment, whether does the service such as meal recreation with the price clearly marked mark a price, establishment of fire control safety circumstance of sanitation of whether in good condition, guest room; Travel agent is big have without the service acceptance is public show, whether to set efficient complaint handling mechanism to wait.
The day before yesterday afternoon, the reporter follows what Cao Yonglin of director of city tourism bureau heads a group to be checked all the way among them group go to drum-tower area to check. In Changjiang Delta big public house, inspection team checks the past all the way, the relevant circumstance that discovers hotel of this SamSung class is satisfactory: The hotel is trouble-free establishment is more all ready; Commodity ministry and meal ministry execute service project plain code completely to mark a price; The fire control material that every corridor corner handles and establishment, just also undertook update and be maintenanced this year; The guest room that selectives examination randomly also is clean neat...
Although a few index amount to mark entirely, but Cao Yonglin put forward to be absent to hotel controller inside examination limits " detail " problem: Of travel department and hotel complain a phone, it is to print at present on two pieces of white paper paste is in the hall is downstage, "If put two pieces of paper into delicate organic glass casing, put go up in information desk, already beautiful, convenient also consumer is examined. " offer to this, hotel administrator expresses to be able to be adopted instantly, make great efforts again on detail.
Much home travel agent waits in Nanjing nation force, the civilized diction to the staff member, standard serves inspection team and the circumstance such as complaint handling mechanism undertook checking, remind travel agent again, should carry out strictly " tourist guide personnel wears pectoral card, normative service, do not demand fee, not misdirect tourist is consumed " wait for a requirement.
One day is checked, the travel agent inside drum-tower area and result of examination of SamSung class guesthouse amount to mark basically. But office of government of city tourism bureau discloses to the reporter about chief, contrast test standard, part if the hardware equipment of guesthouse of 2 stars class is trouble-free of establishment make a respect show inadequacy slightly. To this, city tourism bureau already took step, if be given out to these guesthouse,rectify and reform an announcement, the demand increases trouble-free passageway and establishment configuration, will undertake checking before August 31. "Check result still unqualified hotel, will be faced with fall star or the punishment that pick a bit. Will be faced with fall star or the punishment that pick a bit..
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