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Is chophouse investment little progress rapid and flourishing backside under cov

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Chophouse investment is small, cover an area of little, convenient and quick, the price is low, gain profit considerable, development is rapid in last few years. It is especially on the side of life area, station, all round recreational square, into piece be linked together, one is next to. However, in this flourishing backside, under cover how many crisis? These concealment the much fire hidden trouble in small-sized meal place, be just as the hungry tiger of be on watch for, let a person must be prevented.
Inside a chophouse by some village doorway, when an employee is using liquid gas kitchen range, abrupt change goes flame in oily boiler, he temporarily confused hands or feet, be spilled with a water, did not think not only did not put out conflagration, make instead igneous situation grow like a weed. The person in inn in succession runout, as blare, liquid gas canister produced explosion immediately, conflagration is burned very quickly toward upstairs, upstairs 2 children that watch TV are stranded by smother place instantly. Right now, merchant develops a sea of fire readily, upstairs run, help 2 children escape, but 3 average per capita are hurt by baked wheaten cake, 2 architectural chophouse reachs total worth commit to the flames.
Station aside inside some restaurant, the client of in twos and threes is eating breakfast outside chophouse hall, a lady looks up accidentally, see be derailed emerges inside the kitchen suddenly smother. Between her stunned, the blast of a few article cracks acoustical immediately to be transmitted, the blaze that vacates at the same time everywhere wallop. "Bad, on fire! " the masses that eats breakfast and hotel staff are frightened so that be at a loss, put down bowl chopsticks to escape. Although branch of local fire control is received alarm hind, come immediately put out conflagration, but decorate this one new hotel already by complete burn down, pecuniary loss is heavy.
The statistical data of concerned branch makes clear, small-sized meal serves spatial fire, present the trend that gives year after year to rise in recent years, row before leaning, have repair to hidden trouble of fire of this kind of place, effective keep within limits and precautionary fire happen, appear very pressing.