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Group of fire control of peaceful county of the name of a river in Shaanxi and H

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What work to promote Olympic Games security with all one's strength is successful begin, consciousness of safety of fire control of unit of farther aggrandizement society, raise unit staff to be prevented oneself save oneself ability, ensure fire control is safe during the Olympic Games. Luoyang each district captures safety of unit of emphasis of fire control safety to teach closely, go actively to begin " everybody participates in Olympic Games security " propaganda of thematic fire control.
Thorough and combustible explode easily unit
On August 13 afternoon, personnel of conduct propaganda of group of fire control of new and high area comes enterprise of Luoyang city large chemical industry - - company of Pu Laike chemical industry was partial employee to go up a vivid fire control knowledge explains to public class. Groom in the process, propagandist personnel is main from flaming fire control of the choice of basic idea, fire extinguisher, unit manages and personnel dash forward the respect such as the processing that encounters fire undertakes explaining in detail, by a few fire control the academic knowledge of basic idea arrives deal with the real operation of actual fire, the person that allow visit a class understands the origin of fire and development in the round, make employee is known should how rush to save life and property. Subsequently, propagandist personnel still imparted employee people the scene of a fire flees for his life 12 bid farewell, make everybody benefits a lot. Groom after the end, propagandist personnel is opposite in this unit square again the operation of fire extinguisher undertook explaining in detail, have stuff fire extinguisher operates drilling in group. Say of an employee agitato: "This fire control grooms benefit a lot, if come up against sudden fire to use fire extinguisher,be in later in the job when put out a fire with respect to have a well-thought-out plan. "
Now the body is communal public place of entertainment
On August 17, 18 days, gully on the west the propagandist personnel of group of group of group of area fire control, fleabane county fire control, fire control of Yi Chuan county in succession " show a body " area under administration is communal public place of entertainment, the fire control safety that is aimed at this kinds of place manages the current situation and characteristic, the clerk that is a place made answering with fire control safety know to answer knowledge of put out a fire of meeting, fire prevention, day-to-day fire control is safe management, the scene of a fire flees for his life the fire control safety that skill and care and maintenance of facilities of fire control equipment are content grooms, organized everybody to undertake drilling of put out a fire. Groom in the process, propagandist personnel is returned flee for his life through showing knowledge of typical fire rush to save life and property and the scene of a fire with save oneself the collection photo such as knowledge and spot query and the kind that exam assessment photograph ties, the abundance that accomplished schoolteaching form is diversiform, enhanced the interest sex of study effectively, ensured schoolteaching effect.
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