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Halfback city holds special subject to meet thrash out restricts fire control de

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Government of people of Ningxia halfback city holds thrash out of special subject conference to restrict the bottleneck problem that fire control develops, conference decision: Today bright two years investment buys 3 fire engine and share 3.1 million yuan especially diligent equipment, equipment of equipment of unit of promotion fire control builds a level. Xu Liqun's mayor chaired the meeting. The main leader of detachment of deputy mayor Wu Hanbao, Yan Zujiang, Wang Xingbin, Ma Shijun and city National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, military subzero, Bureau of Finance, public security bureau, fire control attended the meeting.
On the meeting, detachment of detachment of halfback city fire control grows Zhao Deming above all brief introduction circumstance of the property of fire control army, function, work out, origanization construction, reported the result that job of fire control of whole area city obtains since this year, analysed the problem that reachs existence with the situation that job of fire control of a period will face henceforth currently. He points out: Since detachment of halfback city fire control held water 2004 oneself, made positive contribution for the development of whole city economy and social stability, but expand of dimensions ceaselessly as halfback city, all sorts of elements that cause calamity accident also increase ceaselessly. The development of construction of equipment of infrastructure of whole town fire control, unit and city does not suit, restricted the comprehensive progress of army badly, highlight expression to be in: No matter the training facilities that is major of army of whole town fire control and fire control car cannot satisfy current and real need from sort or amount; 2 because excess load is on duty,be prepare for war, individual of fire control unit defends the equipment loss such as equipment is badly in need of badly updating; 3 be accelerate ceaselessly as what whole town town builds pace, disappear guard against enemy agents is diligent equipment equipment is like check of fire control detect kind, smoke evacuation illume kind, disappear of shot-off of loss is washed, lifesaving equipment be badly in need of configuration.