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Peaceful turn city: Does of Qiu of dirty door ┐ bar all of Nuo of ⒔ of ぷ Jia

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Heilongjiang peacefuls turn municipal government around solve rural fire control to work " whose canal, who is caught, whose conduct propaganda, whose organization, whose rush to save life and property " " 5 difficult " problem, pass cinch villages and towns, police station, village and farmer 4 levels, strengthen what work to rural fire control to control government further, ensure job of rural fire control is extensive, thorough, abiding begin.
Peaceful turning city is agricultural big city, rural population occupies whole town total population about nearly 70% , municipal government regards the foothold that does work of fire control of nice rural area and jumping-off place as the responsibility consciousness that be brought into play adequately and develops broad villager, main body consciousness, through 3 measure aggrandizement safe to new rural area fire prevention guarantees the job: Build perfect group prevent group treat defend system of put out a fire. Carried out extensively in the country " 7 joint defence, risk is carried in all " , " ego management, group prevent group treat " mechanism of job of safe fire prevention; In each countryside (town) the member that established full-time fire prevention generally, some is held part-time by the policeman, some by countryside (town) great team leader of group of public security joint defence is held part-time, in countryside (town) fire control work is begun below the unified leader of police station, compose is built with countryside (town) government and village collect cadre are a line, police station is treated protect what can be a line " two dragon " joint defence network; Carry out fire control strictly to install complete censorship. Each district wants spring prevent, Mai Ma closes, autumn harvest, winter prevents the 4 keys period that works as rural fire prevention, increase fire control safety to examine strength.
Peaceful change each district of municipal government requirement to be built in foundation of executive country fire control water of rural red-letter day should be united in wedlock to irrigate to water with person cultivate among the process electrified wire netting of construction of project of project, rustic way, methane, the sources of energy and construction of water and electricity, country is transformed, wait for synchronism to carry out with passageway of fire control fountainhead, fire control and fire control communication, every sets the countryside of self-invited conduit net to want to install hydrant, provide fire control material, execute one machine multi-purpose, collect of village of the villages and towns that lack water should build fire control pool, ensure fire control uses water. On this foundation, this year spring during preventing, municipal government is made allotted " about be being advanced energetically " one village one pump " construction of organization of voluntary fire control carries out an opinion " , hold harmonious meeting or job 4 times to advance meeting, put forward clearly " the government prepares a bit, finance fills a bit " the train of thought that build a line, plan market fund in all 25.49 million yuan, built have 20 people, 5 four-wheel the country of fountainhead of fire control of carry sprinkler, 1 place and tool of enough put out a fire only (hold
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