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Town of black city justice booth holds skill of the 3rd fire control to compare

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Justice booth of justice black city presses down skill of the 3rd fire control to compare fierce total final greatly in justice black city justice wells balanced the town is held.
Come from this town Tian Zhu of Wang Qian, justice booth, Fan, Hang Chou works 4 times 67 villages of a composition (house) fire department, nearly 500 team member pass layer upon layer choose, final, by 14 compulsory fire department more than 100 athlete entered this total final. In the morning 8 when, the match begins formally, the main item that compares connecting with the boxing skill this carries for the hand pump gives water to shoot target. In the match, each village delegation cherishs sufficient confidence to come to the scratch line, the broil that carrying burning sun on the head is baked, they fill minute of play to not be afraid that suffering is not afraid of tired spirit, passionate brandish asperses sweat, show oneself adept skill to the masses all round and person of the same trades. Below their skilled operation, a dish dish water takes smoothly join and become, a fire hose is billowy and piece, an another bosomy applause erupts in the masses that watchs all round. Collectivity takes part in the match personnel try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, reflected excellent business quality, pass intense contend, delegation of Bao Zhai village obtains the first with the good achievement of 35 seconds.
The administer below town of justice booth of justice black city 67 villages (house) , compulsory fireman is close 500 people, team of fire control of each village obligation is perfect, fire control equipment is perfect. To raise each village ceaselessly (house) the lash-up reaction ability that handles sudden incident, strengthen consciousness of safe fire prevention, accomplish against a rainy day, the fire control during assuring an Olympic Games is safe. Justice booth of justice black city presses down Party committee government to take fire control safety seriously to work very, devoted share capital is a village (house) update fire control establishment, invite officers and soldiers of group of city fire control to press down impart the use of all sorts of fire control equipment and operation skill, undertake demonstration; Unified arrangement 67 villages (house) fireman begins drilling of actual combat of fire control safety centrally, the use method that makes adroitness of 67 compulsory fire department masters all sorts of fire control equipment and close emergency treatment aid skill.