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Countermeasure of job of fire control of Zhejiang island fishing village

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Plan of oppose of labour of fire control of island fishing village
Strengthen job of fire control of island fishing village, want to make clear an organization, 2 should lay good foundation, 3 should promote essential, 4 should hold a key, 5 want aggrandizement function.
Clear organization -- , the government organizes a leader, manage a network soundly. 1. Must building fishing village fire control to manage the firm on the network to make great efforts. Villages and towns should establish committee of fire prevention safety, establish fire prevention to do, basically lead by villages and towns personally assume leadership, put together is treated do, the sectional staff such as police station and fishing village cadre attend. Village appoint can want to establish fire prevention working group, the member that establish full-time or pluralistic fire prevention, contact member, load the leader that has job of fishing village fire prevention, organization and management, harmonious function. 2. The area that should develop police station adequately advantage, duty advantage, fishing village job of fire control management brings into the working duty of police station policeman, supervise and urge they are fixed thorough fishing village begins fire control to control administrative job, utmost ground eliminates the blank spot that fire control safety works and blind angle. 3. Want perfect each management system.
Lay good foundation -- , program of work out fire control, strengthen fundamental construction. 1. Clutch work out of program of fire control of a wide place in the road works. Each county (area) , villages and towns should appoint person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of, organize the branch such as construction, program, fire control, clutch make plan of a wide place in the road. Want to encourage the villager to raise the fireproof social estate that builds a house, eliminate the hidden danger that forms large area fire. Improve fire prevention condition. 2. Improve fire control infrastructure hard. Want to increase investment, according to " whose accrual, whose burden " principle, much channel plans market fund, encourage folk to establish fire control fund lawfully, accept aid financially and donate, the funds origin that ensures fire control infrastructure is built, exert oneself solves the pressing problem that the infrastructure of fishing village fire control such as system of fountainhead establishment, communal hydrant builds; 2 should make full use of natural fountainhead, build fire engine water intake. To the area without natural fountainhead, want better in condition of be open to traffic place to dig fire control reservoir, cite at ordinary times the spring on hill or rainwater, ensure the basic need that use water; 3 should provide material of partial fire control. One class should deploy villages and towns to water pump of motor vehicle, fire control, water is taken and fight take wait for equipment, administrative village can create special fire control service station, deploy equipment of right amount put out a fire to regard as deal with earlier fire lash-up is used.
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