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Through fire control conduct propaganda lets masses share fire control of Olympi

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For cogent increase capacity of accident of fire of urban and rural precaution, a few days ago, adjust measures to local conditions of fire control of Shijiazhuang deer spring, around " everybody shares fire control, build restful Olympic Games in all " theme, rely on villages and towns, street, house appoint can begin propaganda of Olympic Games fire control energetically, conduct propaganda of commonweal of many 200 fire control exhibits a card to settle down in community, country.
These are made meticulously, the fire control of Wen Bingmao of uniform standards mode, graph publicizes a brand, the use that study of masses of dweller of convenient and broad community, associate with and understanding prevent equipment of ABC of put out a fire, fire control, fire flees for his life save oneself wait for fire control common sense.
Lu Quan each villages and towns, street, house appoint can use this one favorable turning point in succession, produce basic level advantage, exhibit through pensile scroll, conduct propaganda board, catchphrase of conduct propaganda of propagandist shopwindow, paste and extend equipment of propagandist data, fire control demonstrates, hold a variety of forms such as lecture of fire control knowledge, publicize common sense of fire control safety to numerous people, solve question of fire control safety, send knowledge of fire control safety to the side of broad masses truly, cogent raise initial stage of masses rush to save life and property fire and flee for one's life the ability that save oneself.
Pass fire control conduct propaganda, let masses share fire control of Olympic Games, attention, abide by legal laws and regulations self-consciously, use phone correctly with fire, take an active part in fire prevention, it is hard " restful Olympic Games, harmony is urban and rural " build environment of favorable fire control safety.