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Hunan always hidden trouble of fire of county of city double shop sign is partic

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Hunan always industry of treatment of lumber of county of city double shop sign is more, fire hidden trouble is particularly outstanding. Especially since this year, the removing that processing factory of lumber of double card county produces fire counts the hundred 65% above that hold the number since entire county fire. To strengthen management, ensure the fire control during the Olympic Games is safe, began on August 20, police station of town of berth of government of town of berth of branch of fire control of double card county, Long, Long combines composition to check group, safe to the fire control of the lumber processing factory that Long berth presses down circumstance had the examination of carpet type.
In check out procedure, examination staff discovers each lumber processes a business the problem of aspect of security of fire control of the existence on different level and fire hidden trouble: Most enterprise did not build perfect fire control origanization construction and system of rules of fire control work, did not make practical meet an urgent need beforehand case. Partial management person fire control consciousness is thin, raw material of consciousness of safety of fire control of company owner lack, finished product huddles, put in disorder, fire prevention span shoulds not standard. Person of responsibility of safety of partial company fire protection and personnel of administrator of fire control safety had not sufferred systematic fire control to groom, lack basic fire control knowledge, use to safety what know with fire is very report, little. The enterprise did not deploy facilities of necessary fire control equipment, not seasonable to the maintenance of fire control equipment. Be aimed at the problem of existence, inspection team put forward to rectify and reform a requirement, instruct the processing factory of existence hidden trouble to be rectified and reform instantly, ensure personnel masters fire control knowledge, build sound system, it is good to make sure fire control establishment is whole with, prevent to weigh the happening of accident of especially big fire.
Hidden danger of of all kinds fire discovers in be being checked this 69 place, rectify and reform 16 place on the spot, allot deadline to correct advice note 12. Supervisor of fire prevention of fire control branch still will is opposite these timber mills dog supervise, ensure remove fire of lumber processing factory, precaution and accident of fire of keep within limits machine the happening of the enterprise in double card lumber.