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Detachment of fire control of Guangxi Guilin city often stays be necessary be on

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Detachment of fire control of Guangxi Guilin city is divided stay be necessary be on duty equipment is diligent outside force, formed inside whole town limits mix with group of fire control of 17 counties area the fire control when 19 faults that place of 2 mechanism fire prevention comprises checks a team, staff of thorough Guilin each district is concentrated place, public public place of entertainment begin fire control inspection, eliminated hidden danger of safety of a batch of fire control effectively.
This the examination is the member that be aimed at each one mainly whether are responsibility of safety of concentrated place fire control and safety precaution fulfilled, safety of equipment of establishment of safe exit, scattered passageway, automatic fire control, fire control, fire control manages system and master fire control safety whether adroitly from personnel of course of study the circumstance such as intellectual skill.
In building of Guilin city general merchandise, by Zhou Hai of Zhao of detachment of Guilin city fire control deputy detachment grew led examination group to undertake to situation of security of this unit fire control thorough examination is mixed " diagnose " , lash-up of safety of the system of management of fire control safety that examined facilities of facilities of fire control of interior of general merchandise building to run a circumstance to reach what during the Olympic Games fire control works to begin circumstance and unit on the spot, fire control comes to help scattered beforehand case make drilling case, undertake to unit staff the spot quizs, put the issue that be in in the light of this place, put forward to rectify and reform a requirement to unit chief. That evening, each inspection team returns the city zone to perform a city to Baidu bar, heart linked to heart, public place of entertainment and the Internet bar such as the bigger market inside the city such as meeting place, KTV, bar had network of big star KTV, heaven examination of fire hidden trouble.
Pass an inspection, be built by examination unit perfect program of work of administration of safety of internal fire control and program of fire trouble removal. Unit interior fire control brings full responsibility system of clear, liability is clear, safety of day-to-day fire control manages the job to arrange the program such as deploy to fall to real point. But lax, internal system of safety responsibility does not implement system of go on a tour of inspection of the member that still put in some unit fire control to control room watch, lack illume of fire accident lash-up and fire control security establishment of inadequacy of amount of scattered mark, fire extinguisher, fire control is piled up by keep out, scattered passageway sundry, carpet was not adopted flame retardant measure.
Be aimed at the fire hidden trouble of existence, each inspection team instructs relevant unit to be rectified and reform on the spot instantly, cannot rectify and reform on the spot allot " deadline is rectified and reform can know a book " . Inspection team still asks each unit wants to strengthen the go on a tour of inspection of facilities of pair of facilities of relevant fire control, want to monitor mainly to key place, principal facilities especially, make sure facilities facilities does not give an issue. Make sure scattered passageway, safe exit is expedite at any time, make good lash-up rescuing preparation, cogent raise an unit to prevent the capacity that controls fire accident.
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