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The work team with safe unqualified aptitude cannot enter oil field market

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Bring the work team with whole unqualified intelligence, cannot enter oil field market stoutly. A building army that offers certificate of false and safe aptitude is spat to breath out oil field to cancel contractor qualification, decide to prohibit its enter oil field all action bid activity.
Enter say market of exercise of haing oil field, had wanted safe aptitude to close above all, this is the persistent demand since spitting haing oil field to carry out safe production licence to run a system to contractor. Always supply the contractor of protective equipment of equipment of service of construction work, technology, fire control, safe evaluation, safe testing instrument, labor to oil field, want to accept aptitude to examine, get safe production license.
Spit haing oil field to be opposite " safe production licence " execute trends management, licence extends after examine and verify is passed, period of efficacy is a year. Oil field still establishs record of contractor safe production, assess contractor safety outstanding achievement in the round, to safe production the work team of existence problem undertakes bulletin, shutdown is rectified, amerce, revoke " safe production licence " punishment. Without safe aptitude card, forbid to walk into oil field door. Say regulation of haing oil field, any units and individual must not allow the person that did not handle card enters oil field to participate in invite public bidding, once discover,press the person that serious violate the rules and regulations handles responsibility.