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Dry,crisp air of autumn travel busy season also is tourist of door of visiting p

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Be located in Jilin to save the eastpart part, with Korea only one Jiang Zhi is lain between, it is the port city with Jilin the biggest province. It is better to be begin propaganda of each fire control, let more people understand fire control knowledge, the graph that extend a limit people state fire control is organized meticulously, produce the area advantage of border land port adequately, area of travel of port of development of constituent officers and soldiers, to tourist, businessman and defend the army of frontier defence brother that be here to publicize fire control knowledge.
Current, be dry,crisp air of autumn travel busy season, also be tourist of door of visiting port country's maximum time. On August 26 morning, graph people the fire control officers and soldiers of fire control pursues again people port, the knowledge of fire control of tourist conduct propaganda that comes here to look around ahead, show fire control equipment, explain fire control safety. Fireman people will pursue people the sheet of conduct propaganda of of all kinds fire control that fire control contains, " flee for one's life save oneself manual " the tourist that waits for propaganda paterial to distribute associate with, businessman and the frontier defence officers and soldiers that defend port, detailed explain the note of safety of a few fire control in daily life to them, show equipment of equipment of of all kinds fire control to associate with tourist, explain the use method of fire extinguisher and the measure of handy put out a fire of a few family expenses. The accord of the person that got look around reputably.
A Korea tourist tells fireman through the interpreter: Oneself have been to a lot of countries to travel, still can be this for the first time in viatic process accept fire control to teach, the feeling is honoured very much, chinese fireman is very marvellous really!