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Prevent low-quality fire-fighting equipment into the power supply enterprises

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Not long ago, along the coast to an entertainment of a number of people jumped to escape after a fire ruined the lives of an accident but everyone's attention. Many people are talking about building a fire extinguisher media reflect the existence of reports of past problems, the report is true yet inconclusive. To be sure, it seems a small fire extinguisher, but it can play a significant role in times of crisis, but there should not be ignored, and now, a variety of fire extinguishers available in the market was mixed, if not strengthen the quality and safety supervision, do not strike hard fake and shoddy products, will allow consumers to "smoke and mirrors", once the purchase of substandard products, a serious fire hazard would be planted.

In my opinion, especially the power grid enterprises engaged in doing the production, transmission, distribution and other important tasks in the work of fire safety is a mandatory safety indicators, therefore, prevent the inflow of counterfeit task of fire fighting equipment is imminent.

Fire-fighting equipment from the power supply enterprise following aspects, namely the good doorway, power supply companies to buy fire equipment, be sure to check the qualifications of the supplier, check with local public security fire brigade sector frequent Certificate, from the purchase source control. Second, try Daipei, power supply companies even in the purchase of a qualified fire fighting equipment manufacturers also can not believe that all is well, to come up with some fire-fighting equipment regularly organized sampling staff exercises, on the one hand the quality of testing fire equipment, and the other terms of employees is also a fire safety training. Third, strengthen management, power supply companies in the acquisition of fire equipment, you can not Yi Bai was the need to strengthen the daily management and maintenance of fire equipment, will be the person responsible for custody, while regular seals for fire equipment, spare parts, pressure gauge pointer and connections to check the screws and other equipment, so that timely detection of defects, timely manner.