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Fire equipment becoming concerned about the time of purchase by the family to l

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"One thousand one hundred and fifteen of the" Shanghai disastrous fire awakened the people's sense of fire safety. When a reporter visited recently found in the urban areas, fire equipment gradually by family concerns. Fire Department reminded to purchase fire equipment should not only look for the qualified production Products, should also be familiar with its use. Fire equipment in a shop owner surnamed Li told reporters Recently, members of the public are more concerned about the fire equipment dry powder fire extinguishers, gas masks, escape rope. "Shanghai earlier fires too miserable I feel at home, some of fire equipment in the equipment necessary. "Ms Lau said that fire extinguishers are buying. City Police Fire Brigade relevant person in charge to remind the public to purchase fire equipment, be sure to look for qualified products, and pay attention to shelf life, such as dry powder fire extinguishers are usually one year shelf life, once past their expiry date should Change in time. Fire fighting equipment with a good home after not only as decoration, it should be master in a timely manner in accordance with the instructions to use, so that will not be used for emergency operations.