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Hebei Luquan winter fire safety supply company to build a "firewall"

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Good winter for a comprehensive fire safety management, recently, with the power company Luquan City "three anti four examinations," work on the substation, work area, electricity and other places by the fire facilities and fire key parts of a "carpet "Cross inspection and remove the fire hazard, and fire plan was sound and comprehensive fire safety to build a strong line of defense. It is understood that all along, the company attaches great importance to fire safety management in winter, first tested on a regular basis and replacement of fire extinguishers, and was posted around the use of instructions for staff when the fire broke convenient operation. Second is to strengthen staff awareness and fire behavior education, and organized use of fire equipment and escape evacuation drills, fire escape to help employees master the knowledge, improve employee defense, fire fighting capabilities. Third, focus on doing the substation fire management, and improve emergency plans for fire stations, fire emergency system, build system linkage, on the inside of the substation fire extinguishers, sand, fire hydrants and other facilities to conduct a comprehensive investigation, be sure, be welcome kurtosis Winter has laid a solid foundation for safe production.