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Shanghai is added assemble limited company of engineering of fire control safety

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Shanghai is added assemble limited company of engineering of fire control safety, the company longs for subsidiary of metal group subordinate for Shanghai poplar, it is a collect design, make, door of induction of glass of door of door of door of qualitative fire prevention of door of guard against theft of steeliness of sale, installation, steel, woodiness fire prevention, stainless steel guard against theft, fire prevention and building contain are right the major that says the metal such as the door is hypostatic enterprise
    company holds water at 20 centuries 90 time later period, manufacturing technology is advanced, equipment is excellent, big in everything needed is ready of small mechanical device. Extend through old manufacturing practice and market, achieve those who gave character to serve a beautiful " 3 fine horse " brand! The company ever obtained Shanghai security technology to be on guard early or late of the product " production registers instrument of ratification " with production, sale " put on record the certificate that register " , it is one furniture have qualitative endowment with the production of actual strength safe technology is on guard the professional manufacturer of the product! The company has a worker at present more than 200 people, professional technology qualified personnel 20 much people, year manufacturing production value already achieved two yuan. Area of popular Shanghai each size and building materials market reach the product circumjacent province, get numerous estate greatly to develop company favour and recognition at the same time!  

Company volume produces experience for years, form and had mature workmanship and advanced production line, brought up a batch to have rich professional technology personnel and brave at innovating, be realistic, meticulous employee rank, bred " go after outstanding, good faith to serve " spirit of enterprise, abide by " build a project, keep one party restful, cultivate a monument " and " responsibility is more than benefit " management tenet. Make a famous brand hard, let while the company is creating more social benefit and economic benefits healthy steadily development expands!

The company has perfect quality management system and after service system, already passed attestation of system of ISO-9001 international quality!

                  welcomes incoming telegram of broad new old client to case!
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