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Guangdong surpasses limited company of equipment of nimble fire control

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Guangdong gets the better of predecessor of group of industry of nimble fire control is a Yu city plant of equipment of fire control success nimble, held water 1993, be located in Chinese Guangzhou city, it is group of Chinese country's biggest industry of omnibus large fire control, the research and development of equipment of equipment of equipment of market fire protection, fire control, fire control and fire prevention material, fireproof component and device of domestic fire control, production, make, sale and design of fire control engineering, construction, defend a service at an organic whole.
The group is had " Sheng Jie " , " galactic " , " Yu Jie " , " numerous couplet " wait for 4 brands, have gas door of product of electron of extinguishing system of automatic extinguishing system, automatic sprinkler system, bubble, powder extinguishing system, fire extinguisher, fire prevention material, fire control, fire prevention, fire prevention coils rescuing tool of product of fire control of shade, hydrant box, fire extinguisher box, drum, household, fire engine, rush to deal with an emergency, fire monitor. Current, the group already owned 25 countries patent, have " company of new and high technology " title, have the honor to win award of progress of multinomial science and technology for many times, participate in the formulate of national occupation standard for many times. Brand success nimble is had the honor to win " Guangzhou city famous label " title.
Our company obtained home and attestation of system of international ISO quality smoothly in June 2000, and 2003 one-time pass ISO9001: 2000 edition turn edition attestation. Calendar year comes, classics country for many times the market selectives examination, each index all obtains the product admirable, a series of products already were in Sheng Jie very tall reputation is enjoyed in course of study of domestic and international person of the same trade.
Come for years, the company ever participated in project of fire control of national major project for many times bid, was in 2002 among them the national major project, the largest water conservancy project that attract worldwide attention -- Chinese the Yangtse River project of equipment of fire extinguishing system of 3 gorge project wins the bid, in the meantime, all win the bid in invite public bidding of other country major project, can exhibit center, Guangzhou like city of Beijing railroad bureau, Guangzhou Bai Yun airport, Guangzhou Xin Baiyun airport, it is product of fire control of make choice of of Chinese railroad ministry, it is product of fire control of make choice of of Chinese mobile head office. 2001, the industry of Chinese fire control that organizes in Chinese Fire Protection Association 30 judge pitch on by force, my company is selected for enterprise of 30 strong fire control, comprehensive strength is ranked the 2nd, become company of Chinese fire hose.
The group already established more than 40 subsidiary such as Shanghai, Chongqing, Beijing, Changchun, Tianjin, Nanjing, Xinjiang, Shijiazhuang, Hunan now, manufacturing base was built in chicken of Guangzhou, Chongqing, suitable heart, Shanghai, Xi'an, treasure, Xinjiang, established collect supplier, manufacturer, distributors to be an organic whole, spread all over the formidable sale network of more than 30 province, city of countrywide, municipality. Company of foreign trade success nimble has self-supporting imports and exports to counterpoise, introduce the product the international market, at present the product sells as far as to country of part of southeast Asia, middle east, Australia, Africa, South America, Europe and area, enjoy international high reputation, it is the forerunner of international market of trend of industry of Chinese fire control.
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