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Mound of car of area of Shanghai loose river is pressed down sincere install maj

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Shanghai sincere bringing limited company of fire control equipment is the wholesale, sale that major pursues product of fire control material and maintenance, the maintenance of fire control equipment, maintain and the fire control enterprise of construction of fire control engineering. Our company and manufacturer of famous brand of several fire control hand in hand, breed is all ready, the price is reasonable, sells fire control product has quality of equipment of national fire control to supervise detect the fire control product that central nucleus delivers examines report, main product has Shanghai fire control and equipment of Shanghai fire control.
The company has a batch of technology personnel that had sufferred major to groom and maintenance skilled worker, have a major to be engaged in fire control equipment selling the team of kimono Wu, quick, convenient, the after service before carry out reachs the designated position, offer 1211 fire extinguisher with old trade new business. The company is with sincere letter this, the client is consummate, quality the first, expect wholeheartedly, friend of greeting all circles and each enterprise, patronize guidance, negotiate business. Orderly management, chastening employee rank, good company image, with the client the biggest satisfaction serves a purpose for ours, the development that enthusiastic and considerate service is an enterprise and live laid solid foundation. Scope of operations:
1, of all kinds water system lists fire extinguisher: 480ml, 950 ml water system lists fire extinguisher, ABC, BC powder fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, barrow fire extinguisher
2, car, the family is special environmental protection 480ml, 950 ml fire extinguisher
3, of all kinds water is taken, interface, squirt, hook, axe, bucket, shovel, hydrant of room inside and outside, water pump, joint implement
4, of all kinds sign, safety helmet, lash-up lamp, glow pink safety exports a card
5, of all kinds fire retardant coating, fire retardant, pass feeling detector (smoke) gas is toxic, device of combustible warning apparatus
6, yearly check of manufacturer fire extinguisher, maintenance, change pink
7, carry on project of of all kinds fire control, fire control calls the police system, the project such as closed-circuit television supervisory system
8, manufacturer offers of all kinds fire extinguisher, fire control valve and   of product of other fire protection

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Low 2 fire extinguisher box (stand) .
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