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Center of distribute of equipment of fire control of Beijing Long Jiufei

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Center of distribute of equipment of Long Jiufei fire control established    Beijing 1991, be located in Haidian area on the west Shi Lu mounds on the west of 4 annulus to, the company has the professional of abundant technical force high quality and advanced administrative pattern. The company is guide with demand, it is a foundation with the technology, it is with quality essential, it is the principle of bibcock with sale. Main management sale and maintenance equipment of all sorts of norms model fire control and fire control product, carry on all sorts of fire control projects. Since our company hold water oneself, be indebted to the support of all circles friend and deep love, company business is climbed year after year litre. The total dealership that and won company of countrywide much home sells in Beijing. We will provide perfect service for broad user wholeheartedly, we wish and enterprising of meaning of acute of all circles friend is achieved in all brilliant.
   our tenet is: "Quality the first, the service is consummate " hot pillow welcomes broad user bearer to case negotiate business.

Product exhibition hall

Lamp of fire control lash-up
Lamp of fire control lash-up again below emergency, for the lash-up floodlight when personnel is urgent and scattered. Apply to the public passageway such as bazaar, guesthouse, office building to be in.

Glue of fire control line takes 8-50-25 model
Glue takes fire control line to by excel in cleanse filament of short fine and dacron is braided and be become. Liner balata, have be able to bear or endure to coil caustic of high pressure, wear-resisting, easily fold, service life is long wait for a characteristic, accord with the standard requirement of GB6246-2001.

MSQZ-4L of environmental protection water fire extinguisher
Can put out A, B, C, E effectively kind with the wiring with the following and electrified 1000V fire has first.

MFZ/ABC of powder fire extinguisher
Apply to factory, storehouse, shipping, oil depot, shop, guesthouse to wait public.
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