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Limited company of science and technology of material of green Kangxin of Zi ric

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Green Kang Xincai of annulus of     Zi rich expects limited company of science and technology is sale of development of scientific research of a market, production, installation the enterprise that is an organic whole. Was saved to award by Shandong 2005 " company of new and high technology " .  
    company is located at neat country of historical culture famous city birthplace of football of onetime capital, world, face Zi. The company faces Jinan on the west, east adjacent Qingdao, oil field of boreal adjacent victory, change a company to border with Qilushi, the position advantageous, traffic is convenient.
    company has lab of the institute with technical abundant force and home's the most all ready, most advanced put out a fire, own facility advanced moistureproof agent product line, transcend product line of unit of product line of fine powder extinguishing chemical, automatic put out a fire. The company develops efficient and moistureproof agent of production, belong to domestic initiate, the on Chinese market congener product outside replacing a country completely, obtain a country to invent patent. Through with great concentration of a few years development experiments, the company develops those who develop production to be base material with composite material exceed fine powder extinguishing chemical, it is fire control domain achievement of newest science and technology, understand forefathers group forward position, already declared a country to invent patent. Exceed fine powder in order to exceed the set that technology of fine powder extinguishing chemical develops for core device of automatic put out a fire, use explore, start, the advanced technique that release, developed effectively exceed fine powder extinguishing chemical the function of efficient put out a fire, fill home uses the blank that exceeds device of fine powder put out a fire to replace unit of Ha Long put out a fire. The company produces now exceeded fine powder extinguishing chemical and device of automatic put out a fire to produce due effect in domain of domestic fire control not only, and the sale reachs country and the area such as Russia, middle east.
    " ceaseless innovation, lead forward position " the target that is company ceaseless pursuit.
    " ceaseless ego is improved, it is better to make will be done than today tomorrow " , it is the business purpose of the company.
    after many harships, ceaseless enterprising, annulus is green health had formed distinct high-tech advantage, have power of a batch of technologies abundant scientific research talent, outstanding government person with ability and seasoned project technology talent. The company will continue to insist to seek progress with the technology, beg with quality live, seek progress with credit, if afterwards goes the land,serve for the client. Annulus is green health person will be mixed with the clinging pursuit to the career pioneering spirit, develop new product ceaselessly, return the deep love that signs up for a society, benefit mankind, benefit reachs the world.
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