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City of more than Yao faces hill to press down factory of fittings of valve of m

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Our company found      1994, fittings of professional birth fire control already had practice experience of more than 10 years, the company covers an area of a face to accumulate 4000 much square metre, plant area reposes at 329 countries by line line, traffic carries advantage.
Since      our company classics is long-term do poineering work difficultly, already had fixed assets now 800 much, company staff 80 more than person, technical personnel 10 people, could there be for a long time with home the link up with of company of valve of a few 20 fire control such as wave, more than Yao, Nanjing, Shanghai. The company is given priority to from pipe fitting of valve of manufacturing fire control and fire water branch, offer a replacement of all sorts of engine of put out a fire and fittings of all sorts of pressure watches, hardware, the product sells as far as to area of and other places of the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, get the welcome of the user.
The company is pursued " top-ranking product, high-class service " business purpose, with optimal value, offer best product for each clients.
     our company faculty welcomes friend of the four seas to come to a company coach wholeheartedly, your patronage is our honor, your opinion is our fortune, make us genuine cooperate, develop jointly.
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Valve squirt
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