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Sea peaceful city amounts to limited company of fire control equipment 10 thousa

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       sea peaceful city amounts to limited company of fire control equipment 10 thousand lis to be located in Zhejiang province, native place of emperor of Qianlong of < of Hai Ning city, the tide of money pond river of marvellous spectacle of famed China and foreign countries watchs wet bethel > , saline official is pressed down, guo inn industrial district, shanghai Hangzhou by the freeway, shanghai comes east, the city is worn to Hangzhou thing highway on the west and pass, be apart from Hangzhou 45 kilometers, 150 kilometers of Shanghai, hangzhou (desolate hill airport 60 kilometers) communication is very easy.
     our company begin to be engaged in fire control product developing development to work since 2001. Successfully development was produced adjustable type does not have recoil fire water branch, won national patent. Passed quality of equipment of national fire control to supervise examine central form examines, zhejiang saves appraisal of hall of science and technology to be provincial new product. 2002 year have the honor to win gold award on exposition of technology of patent of Hong Kong international. 2005 by light product quality ensures a center in China, assess is demonstrative unit of quality reputation double safeguard.
     company already made a professional production through effort of a few years adjustable type does not have recoil fire water branch, muti_function fold type fire water monitor, switch type long canal is times lower bubble gun, the professional factory of the product of other fire control such as ejector of protective screen of water act type. Already was in now the equipment of fire control unit such as Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Hunan, Guangdong, Fuzhou, Changchun is used, got officers and soldiers and experts agree reputably.
The company holds to " it is with the person this, quality the first, the user is consummate " the management tenet that is our company, offer more top-ranking fire control product for fire control officers and soldiers wholeheartedly, service at fire control career.
     gives us the chance, still you are well-content, admit please accurate " 10 thousand lis are amounted to " equipment of card fire control, it is your good choice.
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Shed water act squirt continuously
Shed water act squirt continuously
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