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Company of equipment of Zhenjiang Han friendly fire control

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Our company found        2003, cover an area of a face to accumulate 7000 much square metre, fixed assets 2000 much, my company is equipment of fire control of professional production, maintenance, be located in Chinese Jiangsu to visit Zhenjiang town, communication is easy, the environment is beautiful, via saving bureau of public security fire control approval holds water, fire control of Zhenjiang city public security orders manufacturing company surely, main product has do not become rusty substitute of fire extinguisher of firm fire extinguisher, carbolic steel fire extinguisher, bittern acting alkyl. . . . . . The product already was sold as far as to abroad two countries and area, also be product of domestic fire control main supplier, my company has solid products plan to develop ability, have huge manufacturing system, the company pursues: "Deal with concrete matters relating to work seeks fine, development innovation " spirit of enterprise, with " quality the first, the user is consummate " to manage a concept, carry out a system to change, standardization management.   
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Portable powder fire extinguisher
Portable powder fire extinguisher
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◆ contact: Without (gentleman)
◆ phone: 0511 - 5600668
◆ fax: -
◆ firm network address: Http://
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◆ detailed address: Bay of Zhenjiang city careless field 158
◆ visits the urban district: Jiangsu / Zhenjiang city
◆ contacts a mobile phone: 13757112628

◆ company name: Company of equipment of Zhenjiang Han friendly fire control
◆ company property:
◆ advocate battalion industry: Fire extinguisher / fire extinguisher
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