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Plant of equipment of Hefei south fire control

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Plant of equipment of fire control of       Hefei south is one is having pursue development of fire control product for years, of production professional manufacturer home. Dominant product has: A powerful person of fire control box and series of fire extinguisher box, fire prevention reachs series of a powerful person of smoke evacuation fire prevention; Muffler, aluminium alloy 100 leaves a place with a draught, wind force control valve, steeliness butterfly a powerful person, the central air conditioning such as fan series matchs a series; Come for years product of southern fire control alls over the inside and outside that sell a province, favor by the user, very tall reputation is enjoyed in the market.   
     this factory is first has complete mechanization product line the earliest manufacturer in saving job of person of the same trade completely, have advanced shears board, punch, fold the large scale computer such as solder of arc of curved, electric welding, argon to fetters several, and have fire prevention a powerful person, the experiment of the crucial component of a powerful person of smoke evacuation fire prevention and finished product detects equipment counts a station. Technical force also is can be counted on one's fingers in course of study of person of the same trade, have senior engineer 3, professional technician 8, the personnel of record of formal schooling of undergraduate course, three-year institution of higher learning each 18, all these are for the product in the be the champion in the market, precede everywhere, it is the solid base that leaves good public praise in broad client, "Science and technology is with the person first " , my factory   is wide in the worker still the conduct propaganda that opens subjective and dynamic effect, dig the potential that own technology innovates the worker greatly, make they have the manufacturing environment of absolute master position from beginning to end,  
Ensure the product innovates ceaselessly make choice.  
     " is true, sincere letter, the management concept of difficult plain " traverses entire plant to fluctuate, the client is our god forever. Your satisfaction, our pursuit. Before factory director Liu Houyi carries faculty bits to welcome new old client wholeheartedly, will negotiate business.

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A powerful person of FFQF-70 pneumatic fire prevention
A powerful person of FFQF-70 pneumatic fire prevention
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