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Guangzhou solid is like limited company of equipment of golden fire control

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If limited company of equipment of golden fire control holds water at the beginning of July 2004,        Guangzhou originallies, the major servicing limits of the company includes:   is returned south ⒅ of float of uncut jade of white of ǚ of  a man's cap used in ancient times judges uncut jade of Qi a unit of length dark blue of a silk and coton fabric of  of call on of obituary basketry exterminate installs saddle of carbon of こ of Ang of dried meat dark blue of  of ⒊ firewood the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches to stew Qi of ⒀ of ā of Dong  hot ń to occupy postscript  to bar こ is phlegmy ぁ of  of some D Bu
I manage the fire control product of main sale is as follows:
1, " short for Zhejiang Province is installed " extinguishing system of gas of propane of carbon dioxide of card high pressure, 7 fluorine, BC and ABC powder, portable carbon dioxide, 1211 reach bubble fire extinguisher to wait.
2,   " power special dragon " propane of carbon dioxide of card high pressure, low-pressure carbon dioxide, 7 fluorine, inert gase (the aeriform extinguishing system such as IG541) , exceed fine water mist extinguishing system, kitchen extinguishing system and platoon oil note setting of azotic put out a fire.
3, the protector of intelligence of fire prevention of F1 series distribution that institute of Hunan electric equipment produces and protector of intelligent electric machinery.
4, " general gold power source " power source of lash-up of intelligent fire control (the) such as PGEPS, UPS.
5, " Ji Xing " card lifesaving delay falls implement series product.
6, other: All of water system of large space intelligence, fire control calls the police automatically delay of system, lifesaving falls implement, air respirator, fire prevention coils door of shade, fire prevention and fire prevention material.
Force of technology of          my department is abundant, have much name of catchment, mechanical, electron, electric, computer and each professional, have many technology team of construction of installation of the fire protection with keen-witted and capable, integrated high quality, air conditioning. Also be ministry of project of subordinate of company of service of spic harbor fire control at the same time, the design of first class of fire control project that has a country to build a ministry to issue reachs aptitude of one class construction, the installation that provides fire control engineering and fire control newspaper are built, check and accept wait for a service.
         company sets function branch to have: The function branch such as ministry of general manager room, sale, engineering department, technology ministry, financial department. Departmental door cooperates cheek by jowl, ensure before offerring high grade product and satisfactory carry out for the client, after service is reached in carry out.
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