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Limited company of equipment of fire control of Zhuhai city Pisces

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Limited company of equipment of fire control of Pisces of      Zhuhai city is a major devote oneself to safety of social fire control, project of production of equipment of market fire protection, fire control bear build, fire control property runs the company of omnibus fire control at an organic whole.
     turns by enterprise of national the military arms department from 1980 for civilian battalion enterprise, the company pursues the research and development of fire control equipment, production, sale technically, already had experience of 20 old industries up to now, dimension of the design of fire control engineering that accumulated a batch of high quality, major, construction management, equipment protects from personnel of course of study. Since 90 time, pisces company obtained fire control project to install aptitude, fire control to design aptitude early or late, manage systematic attestation at passing ISO9001 quality 2002, be versed in for fire control establishment by construction ministry assess Cheng major contracts 2 class aptitude.
     is responsibility with safety of social fire control, pisces company is dedicated all the time the development at fire control business and innovation. Through 2004, 2005 prepare with try operation, run a department at establishing fire control property formally in November 2005, business covers fire control knowledge to groom, fire control system is built, dimension of fire control equipment is protected, care and maintenance of fire control project and detect, thereby blends in daily behavior with enhancing system of consciousness of personnel fire control, perfect fire protection, ensure the effectiveness of fire extinguishing system, it is pair of look forward to (thing) the promotion of the whole side of fire control job of estate unit.
     Pisces fire control presses GB/T19001-2000idt ISO9001:2The attestation of 000 asks, the origanization construction that builds rigor of a complete set of and quality control run a program, pursue " set out from client safety: Esteem is objective, pay attention to objective, pay attention to actual effect, beg society of letter, service in order to pledge " guiding principle, with " top-ranking product quality, professional technology serves " to manage a tenet, before offerring the product with high grade character and considerate carry out for the client, carry out medium, after service, build one party in all restful!

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