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Plant of equipment of fire protection of Hong Baokai benefit of peaceful state c

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Plant of equipment of triumphant benefit fire protection founds treasure of grand of city of        peaceful state 1983, individual of professional birth fire control defends equipment is mixed especially diligent equipment, it is enterprise of stress of industry of countrywide fire control, jiangsu saves company of new and high technology, high speed grows model enterprise, abide by contract, keep good faith enterprise, enterprise of financial condition of class of Agriculture Bank AAA. Industry technology force is abundant, manufacturing facilities is excellent, workmanship is advanced, detect facility is complete, passed attestation of ISO9001 quality system, obtain new certificate of products of national level key and practical and new-style patent letter. Situation is advantageous, na Lin country harbor of city of peaceful of one class haven, high speed of the Shanghai that be apart from Beijing has 8 kilometers only, be located in peace to connect highway, peaceful salt highway to fall the point that collect, the environment is beautiful, communication is easy. Plant area covers an area of a face to accumulate 33000 square metre, floor area 14800 square metre, existing worker many 300, project technology personnel 85, among them senior engineer 8, manufacturing facilities is covered many times 250.
Main production has: Fire of respirator of respirator of fire control air, air length a canal, disappear forfend is taken, firemen put out a fire defends take, fire control battle is taken, fire control direct is taken, fire control hermetically sealed is prevented change take, simple and easy prevent change take, fire control heat insolation is taken, insulation of fire control report is taken. Quality of equipment of fire control of state of product classics the Ministry of Public Security is supervised examine central type certificate of proof. The product sells well not only the whole nation, and area of and other places of many exit Western Europe, South America, southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, in home main big in the city sets agency, have stronger comprehensive strength.
The enterprise is guide with the market from beginning to end, it is bibcock with science and technology, it is the soul in order to innovate, aim at world new and high technology to develop a tendency, use already some resource advantages, enhance ability of company core competition ceaselessly, make grand treasure product international hard brand of strong fire control.
The enterprise provides top-ranking fire control equipment and excellent after service for domestic and international client wholeheartedly, expect to cooperate with all circles personage, pay true greeting to new old friend.  
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