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Inc. of equipment of Nanjing fire control

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Inc. of equipment of        Nanjing fire control is to be in plant of equipment of fire control of enterprise of former state-owned and large company, bibcock of industry of countrywide fire control, Nanjing the foundation initiates the Inc. that establish, it is strict the public company that runs according to contemporary company system. Cover an area of 200 thousand square metre, year ability of produce and sale is controlled in 500 million yuan, annual interest duty many yuan 5000. The company of modern top-ranking and professional fire control with the biggest dimensions of investment of trade of domestic fire control that is assess of institute of economy of market of research center of development of the State Council, industry of Chinese fire control is only level of a state is new and high technical company. Company comprehensive strength is abundant, it is the undertaker of U.N. project, the country is multinomial the person that torch plans the research and development of the project, the drafter of standard of technology of product of multinomial state fire control, count the owner of a national level new product, industrialization of project of new and high technology advances the state committee of planning enterprise, unit of AAA fancy credit, jiangsu province and Nanjing city civilized unit, build unit of new Nanjing have rendered great service.
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