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Plant of equipment of fire control of Zi rich city limited company

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Plant of equipment of fire control of city of       Zi rich limited company, it is product of fire control of bureau of fire control of Shandong province Public Security Department company of the production that decide a dot. Company arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous more than 20 years, become market scientific research, development, production, sale, installation, construction to be the enterprise of major of omnibus fire control of an organic whole, it is the backbone in industry of product of Shandong province fire control.

     company is located in coastal economy to open an area -- have " the king of world short story " beautiful praise rich of Zi of province of Pu Songling birthplace, Shandong is new and high technical estate development, environment beautiful, communication is easy. Plant area covers an area of an area: 2. 60 thousand square metre, employee 300 people, among them project technology personnel 80 more than person, existing fixed assets 30 million yuan. The company is first company that acquires type of product of fire control of committee of certificate of quality of product of fire control of China of the Ministry of Public Security to approbate card aptitude. 2 passed IS09001 3 00 years: Attestation of system of 2000 international quality.

Facilities of      company production is excellent, technology is advanced, detect as all ready as monitoring instrument configuration, quality management system is perfect. The main product that produces at present has: "Clever bird " fire retardant coating of card steel structure, facing fire retardant coating, fire prevention seals a material, fire retardant 4 old series 8 kinds of products, and be supervised through quality of housing materials of national fire prevention entirely examine the center detects, achieve or exceed national level, the product is popular countrywide each district. Among them LB steel structure expands fire retardant coating has the honor to win gold prize of exposition of product of actor of name of new technology of the 3rd China International, LBC is ultrathin model fire retardant coating has the honor to win Chinese patent gold prize of exposition of product of actor of name of new and high technology. The company contracted to do a job early or late company of Qi Lu petrifaction, Qingdao is petro-chemical company, Shandong is new China rich of pharmacy company, Zi the nation such as steelworks of overgrown with weeds of joint-stock company of spin of broadcasting television center, Lu Tai, Lai is large project of enterprise fire prevention, "Clever bird " the accord that the card got an user in the application of fire retardant coating in the project reputably. Be saved 7 years to be versed in management board of commercial firm politics is judged by Shandong continuously for " abide by contract, keep good faith " the enterprise maintains up to now.
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