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Chengdu gold cost prevents equipment limited company

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Limited company of equipment of beautiful fire control of        Chengdu gold (former Chengdu double shed plant of fire control equipment) be located Yu Laochuan hides Jin Huaqiao by, the fierce Hou ancestral temple that is apart from Chengdu only 9 kilometers, it is the enterprise of product of professional birth fire control. The company was built 1985, arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous, cover an area of a face to accumulate 15000 square metre now, asset many yuan 1000, employee 180 people, one of companies of key fire control that become Sichuan to save Wu of kimono of volume product development, production, sale to be an organic whole.   
The company presses ISO9001 strictly: 2000 quality manage a system to ask to undertake administrative, produces << gold spends >> , << gold disappear >> product of card fire control: Squirt of dc of series of Z of small  of pilfer of  of  billow  , KD, (KY, KN series) joint of water pump of fire control of series of outdoor fire hydrant of series of indoor fire hydrant of series of fire control interface, SN, SS, SA, SQ implement, SG series hydrant box, quality of product of classics state fire control detects the center detects eligible, all pass what qualification of product of fire control of the Ministry of Public Security judges center to approbate, obtain corresponding letter.
The company is scrupulouslied abide by " eternity is improved continuously, contend for achieve " gold is beautiful " famous brand, take letter client, consecratory fire control " management concept, provide high grade fire control product and better service for the user.

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Joint of fire control water pump implement
Joint of fire control water pump implement
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