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Plant of equipment of fire control of Chongqing great river

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Plant of equipment of fire control of      Chongqing great river fastens place of group of industry of great river of company of group of Chinese weapons equipment to belong to an enterprise. Have place of independent legal person, it is the Ministry of Public Security equipment of the fire control that decide a dot produces manufacturer.
       factory is located in Chongqing city Ba Na district, be apart from 10KM of railroad goods station, passenger station 20KM, haven 1KM, airport 35KM, be apart from downtown 20KM, communication is very easy.
        factory from 1981 army turn civilian produce for a long time later " shark card " fire extinguisher, ever was judged to be the Ministry of Public Security high grade product, already built a car to use now, family expenses and general 3 old series the fire extinguisher of 12 breed many product line, year productivity amounts to each model fire extinguisher 500 thousand, 2 OO3 year actual production vehicle uses fire extinguisher 300 thousand, wait for 15 cars to produce an enterprise to nod car of form a complete set to use fire extinguisher surely for Chang'an car, east wind car, blessing cropland car.  
        factory fastens place of war industry system to belong to an enterprise, product quality manages all the time product of war industry of continue to use runs a system. From March 2001 the portion begins an enterprise to carry out ISO9000-2000 edition quality to run a system in the round. January passed QS9000 quality to manage systematic attestation again 2004. The product is designed from development, outside outside buying assist, whole process of manufacturing management, after service all is in controlled condition. All products all are supervised through quality of equipment of Chinese fire control examine the center detects eligible, obtained letter of committee of certificate of quality of product of Chinese fire control.
         factory covers an area of area of workshop of 5000 square metre 3500 square metre, facilities of production, living is all ready, employee mind is stable, the factory is confident to producing management foreground. Wish to cooperate hand in hand with domestic and international travelling merchant, grow fire control enterprise jointly.  

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The car uses fire extinguisher
Shark card " the car uses fire extinguisher current set
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