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Limited company of science and technology of the dawn in Shenzhen

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Company brief introduction:  
Limited company of science and technology of the dawn in Shenzhen city held water 2003, it is a major is engaged in fire control safety electronic product and the research and development that weak report controls a system

, enterprise of high-tech of production, service. The product of system of control of door of series fire prevention that owns own intellectual property and culmination bright brand.  
The company goal that dawn pursues in: The client is to create value in safety of fire prevention door and convenience control domain.
Product of series of brand of the dawn in      with his function powerful, character stabilizes major of safety of reliable, design, be in an industry all the time lead position.   is fair

In managing the electromagnetism door of research and development sucks a product to be course of study of person of the same trade first are supervised through quality of product of electron of national fire control detect the center detects.
The fire prevention door that dawn regards major as in controls the provider of the manufacturer of systematic product and systematic solution, from beginning to end with long-term, dovish, only

The attitude of course of study develops. And we have extensive online service network and technical resource, specializationed management and team of technology of research and development, strict hind

Diligent safeguard, offer high grade, efficient company level to use service and technical support for the client, become business client thereby truly valuable be worth to trust

     company product:
1, often open door of type fire prevention to control a system, include: DC-X electromagnetism door is sucked, electromagnetism of door of DSF fire prevention is released implement, CKK often open controller
2, often shut door of type fire prevention to control a system, include: Lock of controller of RMMK-B-200 scattered door, electromagnetism
3, marine fire prevention door controls a system, FDS control ark, marine electromagnetism door is sucked, spacing switch.
Product exhibition hall

Door of CKK fire prevention is released implement
Door of CKK fire prevention is controlled

Often open controller of door of type fire prevention
Controller of door of CKK fire prevention should use signal linkage formula or independent type often opens fire prevention door to control a system to need to install this controller. Can realize power source to change a function; Couplet of acceptability fire control is moved signal and disappear control a center and net
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