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Limited company of equipment of fire control of peaceful of peaceful wave glad

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Limited company of equipment of fire control of peaceful of glad of         peaceful wave is the company that a major pursues fire extinguisher valve, water warming valve of agent of equipment valve, refrigeration and relevant fittings are made, the product is popular domestic and international, get client reputably.

The equipment with high quality     , depend on greatly the valve of the high quality that you choose and fittings, be for this purpose, our company use high accuracy special machine tool undertakes returning industry, detect with what perfect equipment undertakes major detects, have the technology of the product management system with one rigid a complete set of and innovation, carry the product that offers on the safe side for you thereby. Act on " be in charge of at tasting only, be happy to serve, be good at innovating " guiding principle, my company took the lead in passing attestation of system of ISO9002 international quality 1999, partial product already obtained American UL product certification.

     " perfect ego ceaselessly, go after forever outstanding " it is our company's consistent spirit. The valve of any any specification that we can provide your place to need for you, breed reachs fittings, welcome domestic and international travelling merchant and my company cooperation wholeheartedly, we are expecting to provide excellent service for you.
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