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Guangzhou city time Yu revitalizes limited company of fire control equipment

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The company held water 1996, be located in Guangzhou city time Yu Chen Chong is integrated inside the developing zone, cover an area of 15000 square metre. Come for years, the company devotes oneself to the development development of equipment of modern fire control, hold to " science and technology progresses, ceaseless innovation " develop policy, strengthen industry technology team and the construction that supervise a team ceaselessly, increase staff hard integrated quality and quality awareness, hold to quality the first, strict quality manages, ceaseless in intense market competition development expands. The company is built hard and perfect ceaselessly develop by sale, production, technology, supply, the administrative system of the efficient deal with concrete matters relating to work that the branch such as quality management, finance affairs comprises, obtained in November 2002 " center of circumference mark attestation "  ISO9001:2000 quality manage systematic attestation, to come true more scientific management, farther raise quality of Wu of product quality kimono to lay next solid foundations.
Through old effort, the product of the company was experienced change to diversity, form a complete set by onefold breed, the development process of seriation, have 7 fluorine propane (HFC-227ea) automatic extinguishing system, high pressure carbon dioxide is automatic firedamp of extinguishing system, 3 fluorine (automatic extinguishing system of IG-541 of HFC-23)  automatic extinguishing system, gas mixture, bubble extinguishing system, fire extinguisher, water is fancy and fire extinguishing system, inorganic compound fire prevention coils shade, compound profiled bar pledges fire prevention coils a powerful person of shade, fire prevention, , each technology index obtains all products completely national level.
Expand quickly of dimensions as the enterprise, the company already created agency in countrywide main city, business pervades of the whole nation big in city, established close relationship with the numerous client of countrywide each district, the sale that formed countrywide limits serves a network. The product constructs a field at the high level except wide application outside, second application is in more the significant section such as orgnaization of the main project that the high price such as center of electric power, telegraphic, archives, control, broadcasting television center is worth and government organization, finance. Advanced and perfect and abundant and overall technology power, efficient quality guarantee system, rich spot experience, complete detect equipment, admirable the credit that the after service that reach the designated position won broad client and support. Additional, my company product already by danger of product liability of accept insurance of insurance company of Chinese Pacific Ocean, more broad user offers the most close-fitting product warranty.

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