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Exhibition of equipment of equipment of security of trade of 2007 middle east, f

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Extend meeting time: 2007-1-21 comes 2007-1-23

The exhibition is periodic: 1 year /

Extend meeting state: Africa / middle east / A couplet chief of a tribe

Exhibit meeting site: A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to international to exhibit a center

Showpiece industry: How to prevent exhibit / labor insurance is exhibited / fire control is exhibited

Ginseng extend range:

·Safety is on guard kind: Entrance guard system, perimeter is defensive / make one's rounds more system, can inspect to telling / TV monitoring, environmental monitoring / guard against theft calls the police, biology message identifies technology and equipment, safety examines a system, identity identifying / attestation system, card card and card card make technical equipment, bank / car of bank note of equipment of financial center security personnel, carry, urgent relieve a sick or injured person and rush to deal with an emergency, flee for one's life equipment, ballproof garment / ballproof glass, door of guard against theft / lock / ark, car / equipment of autocycle guard against theft, the building prevents thunder facility, explosion proof blast and explosive handle equipment, chemical / biology danger handles equipment, special type defends dress / labor defends product, calamity defends technology / equipment, safety is on guard product test instrument.

·Fire control monitoring kind: Fire alarm / can burn gas / aerosol calls the police, urgent broadcast, put out a fire and smoke evacuation, fire control corresponds, product of fire control put out a fire / equipment, build fire prevention material, equipment of fire control lighting, electrical engineering and safe equipment.

·Alarm with equipment kind: Alarm with command system / equipment, policeman / prevent cruel alarm / special alarm equipment, command car / cruiser / communication car / prevent cruel car / illume car / clear barrier car / fire engine, alarm with helicopter / coastguard cutter / fireboat, alarm with system of wired, wireless communication, alarm reach sensor of rush to deal with an emergency, life with urgent relieve a sick or injured person, alarm wait with education training facilities.

·Floor space intelligence kind: Building automation equipment, integrated wiring system, system of edifice management automation.

Postpone meeting brief introduction:

Intersec is dimensions of middle east area the biggest the most professional trade security and exposition of fire control equipment, it is by heart of famous exhibition tycoon national law orchid overcomes blessing (enlighten do obeisance to) exhibition company Epoc Messe Frankfurt is made and become -- be known as the whole world to show course of study " aircraft carrier " one of limited company of German Frankfurt exhibition (MESSE FRANKFURT GMBH) , it is the pursues global trade showing professional work company of the be among the best of candidates on the world, according to rank of the area that exhibit a house, frankfurt exhibition limited company is discharged in global exhibition course of study the 3rd. Make should exhibit can provide ginseng malleability to reach visiting sex more, it is the optimal shortcut that enterprise of fire protection of each country safety enters middle east area. 2006Intersec divides in all exhibit an area for 3 old products: Safety is on guard kind of product exhibit monitoring of area, fire control kind the product exhibits an area, alarm with equipment kind the product exhibits an area.
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